Session 2: Above the Clouds

“Master, I ask again for your guidance.”

Very well, my old friend. I will guide you. I sense that you are questioning why I include certain details. I only say this: I do not alter the events of the story, nor do I choose which to include. They simply occurred, and can only be told as such. Now, we shall continue:

The handyman, the botanist, the gunslinger, and the Mandalorian found themselves in orbit above the planet Ord Mantell, stranded on a ship they had just stolen from Medina Mechanics. Some of them might have reflected on the events of the past few hours: the meeting with Chequa Nomi, the journey to the spaceport, the explosive distraction, and the skirmish with the Black Sun guards. Or perhaps they thought of the silent follower with the armored duster and horned Mandalorian helmet.

They could have contemplated their predicament, watching the golden glow of Ord Mantell City diffused by the clouds passing through the atmosphere like wisps of gray smoke. However it’s quite likely that they thought about none of this, instead preoccupied with red warning lights, frayed wiring, and scorched mechanical parts clattering from the ceiling of their new starship.



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Johan Solo

Retelling stories from tabletop games I run in Star Wars Saga Edition. Currently playing “The Hunted,” a galaxy-spanning story set in the Empire’s early years.